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Cameron Park Summer Spectacular 2023


Outside Cameron Park‘s Airpark Estates lies a man-made lake that hosts activities such as firework shows and barbecue cook-offs, as well as Ribstock – an event with vintage trailers, RVs, and classic cars on display.

Many residents use its wide streets as taxiways for private aircraft – even making use of airplanes as a means to commute!


The Lake at Cameron Park is a recreational area featuring a lake and a small airport, as well as home to an annual community event called Cameron Park Summer Spectacular that brings music, food, and fireworks together for a fantastic festival every June. Attracting thousands each year, this festival includes kids’ fun zones, swimming at the lake for refreshments, food vendors selling crafts, and craft vendors displaying exhibits before finishing with an impressive fireworks show! Oversized beach umbrellas or pop-up tents are not permitted anywhere during this festival for attendees’ safety, but coolers, picnic baskets, or lawn chairs are welcome.

Nisenan (or Southern Maidu) Indians first settled the area, leaving behind grinding rocks and burial mounds as evidence of their presence. Ranching and farming initially took place there until the 1950s, when developer Larry Cameron bought up 5,000 acres (2,000 ha). Since then, development has accelerated dramatically, leading to residential homes being constructed along with parks, golf courses, lakes, and an airport being developed in this community.

Cameron Park shares the climate of other California regions, with hot summers and cool winters. At an elevation of 1,650 feet above sea level, Cameron Park tends to experience less of the rainy conditions that plague lower-elevation areas of its region; however, storms from both the Pacific Ocean and mountain thunderstorms still occur occasionally in this part of California.

Cameron Park is served by the CRX transit system, providing access to its surrounding area as well as featuring a bike path running throughout town. Furthermore, public transportation options exist within Cameron Park itself in addition to private taxi companies offering service.

Cameron Park Lake features a lake, marina, fishing piers, tennis courts, and playgrounds, as well as hosting an annual barbecue competition called Ribstock that draws crowds from across the region and features an enormous beer garden. Held annually since 1984 at “Sam’s Town,” once one of Cameron Park Lake’s top tourist spots, Ribstock draws thousands each year!

Community District

Cameron Park offers something for everyone – sunbathing, tasty cuisine, shopping, and fireworks are just some of the amenities the Community District has in store! Their kid’s carnival, swimming at the lagoon, refreshments, food and craft vendors, exhibitors, and live music will surely keep the whole family busy for an entire weekend of festivities! Advance kids carnival wristbands can be purchased for $20 in advance or $25 the day of. You can buy these wristbands online at Cameron Park Bel-Air, Cameron Park/Shingle Springs Chamber of Commerce, Joe’s Coffee & Deli, Sam’s Town Cyclery Lee’s Feed, or at their respective offices located throughout Cameron Park CSD office.

The Cameron Park Community Services District is a non-profit public benefit corporation established under California’s Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for general and charitable purposes. Appointed to serve the greater Cameron Park community through recreational activities, community events, support services, and facility/park development projects, increasing participation through engagement activities and volunteerism and providing opportunities for all people regardless of ability or circumstance to engage in recreational activities regardless of ability or circumstance; this nonprofit meets monthly at the Community Center Board Meeting.

Wally’s Pizza Bar

The Lake is an idyllic spot to unwind, with trails circling its perimeter, while summer events like firework shows and barbecue cook-offs often take place there. Meanwhile, its Community District serves more like an indoor gym with various fixtures for sports as well as courts for their events – this area also houses public pools and many restaurants.

Wally’s Pizza is your one-stop shop for delicious pizza! Locally owned and operated, this eatery is beloved by clientele. Boasting an inviting atmosphere and offering delectable offerings like BBQ chicken pizza and Thai chicken pizza salad, as well as drinks such as draft beer, craft beer, sangria, and sangria, its popularity among clientele makes this restaurant one of the city’s must-visits!

Cameron Park boasts a low crime rate and excellent schools in its community, which provide plenty of hiking trails near the Sierra Nevada mountains for outdoor activity enthusiasts. Cameron Park’s Sierra Sands Unified School District features eighty percent of schools as being “above average.” Furthermore, the climate is generally mild, with rare snowfall events occurring within its borders.