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BUILD IT YOURSELF Energy Review: Green BUILD IT YOURSELF Energy, Is It What It Does claim to Be?


Installing a power of the sunshine system in your home to generate your free electricity sounds great until you see the price tag. Prices for the professional installation start at $27, 000 and increase quickly from there. This monetary barrier has inspired numerous resourceful people to figure out how to develop and install their own solar power panels. Unfortunately, it has also resulted in a cottage industry involving scams and swindles. The world wide web is now flooded with firms selling do-it-yourself green energy how-to manuals, usually accompanied by special claims of how cheap and straightforward it is to build.

The latest contestant in this arena is Natural DIY Energy, so we want to do a complete review.

Typically the Claims:

Like any company trying to dispose of its product, Green BUILD IT YOURSELF Energy makes several remarkable claims that, at first glance, may appear too good to be real. What struck us almost all, however, was how reasonably few grandiose claims this system made compared to its lot of competitors. It seems to be quite straightforward-or at least modest-in precisely what its product can do.

Natural DIY Energy Review: Structure Time

One of the claims a lot of green energy scams make is that you simply can build a solar panel or maybe wind turbine remarkably fast, often in a single weekend. While not possible, it is a very unlikely-an experienced electric engineer in a workshop filled with all tools and components needed, working straight with the weekend without and crack or distractions, might be able to total the project in that period of time. But for the average homeowner within a garage workshop, it will probably take much longer.

We were amazed, then, when Green DO-IT-YOURSELF Energy did NOT make any kind of promises of super-fast building. The only mention of how long it took little time to construct was a testimonial of the teenager who built the solar panel as a “summer project” by working “every Mon for a few hours. ”

The various tools:

Another sneaky move through green DIY energy rip-off websites is only to include the expense of materials when quoting the way cheaply a solar panel is usually built. Their customers may find available later that they have to buy distinct tools for the job, travelling the price up.

Green BUILD-IT-YOURSELF Energy is the first website we’ve seen this acknowledges this distinction. Actually, they caution their customers this “before you try to your own solar power, you need to have the proper tools. ” Sure, the consumer may have to buy some equipment for the project, but at the very least they were warned of that probability before buying the product.

Solar Panel versus Solar Power System

Another strategy the green DIY energy fraud sites use is exploiting householder’s ignorance of the difference between a solar panel and a solar technology system. A solar panel is barely one part of a solar technology system-but it is the most seen. While the solar panel sits on top for all to see, the rest of the solar technology system is usually inside the making, hidden from sight. As being a, it’s easy for someone to definitely not realize there’s more to the system than the solar panels.

These bogus sites promise the ability to build a solar panel at a cheap. It’s not until the customer features bought and read the regular that they realize they also have to obtain and assemble the battery power banks, the charge operator, DC inverter, etc. The expense of these, of course, was not contained in the advertised price, which was simply for the solar panel.

Given this, it absolutely was a pleasant surprise to find that will Green DIY Energy not merely acknowledged this difference, yet pointed it out to their customers. Their DIY manual, they will claim, will show you how to build solar energy panels for $98 a piece. In that case, it will also show you how to build all the other solar power systems for $300. This brings the total price of the project to around $300-which is higher than some of their competitor’s claims. Still, $300 for just a solar power system is a much more natural estimate-and it’s still a highly low price for a solar power process!

The Savings

Many of these websites prominently feature promises showing how much you can save off your electric power bill. Other green BUILD-IT-YOURSELF energy scam sites offer savings of 35%, 50 per cent, and 80%. The truth is this no one can estimate how much there are solar panels can save you because virtually every household uses different numbers of electricity every month. There’s a big difference in electricity consumption between a bachelor who is hardly ever home, and a household together with three kids and a stay-at-home mother. Some of these sites also claim you can eliminate your current power bill completely-which, by using a single solar panel, which is comment non-sense. Whenever we see DO IT YOURSELF green energy sites that estimate specific savings to your strength bill, we’re automatically shady.

We kept expecting Environmentally friendly DIY Energy to estimate us a power bill enough cash… but it never happened. On the other hand, they took a great deal more practical approach of citing how much electricity your homebuilt solar panel will generate (60 to 120 watts, with regards to the size and type of photovoltaic cells used), and letting each customer do the math of how much they will save.

Environment-friendly DIY Energy’s website in addition openly states that a sole solar panel will NOT power your home. Rather, they promote you to build several solar power systems (when they cost $98 a piece to build, really want to? ), and that the addition of each new solar panel will lessen your power bill further. This is a much more realistic approach to the amount their customers will save.


In terms of what we can tell, Green BUILD IT YOURSELF Energy looks legitimate. That they avoid the grandiose claims, is of omission, fuzzy judgement and bad math which we’ve come to expect via green DIY energy con sites. The advertising contains pitfalls designed to stone-cold bluff customers that are simply not generally there on the Green DIY Power website.

Their promises, even though more modest than their own competitors, are also far more practical. Can you really build a solar power program for $300, as Eco-friendly DIY Energy claims? Even though it’s impossible to know for sure till we try it, we can state this: Green DIY Power appears to be a legitimate, honest, as well as trustworthy company, selling a good product. If you decide to try creating your own solar panels from a guide purchased online, keep this item on your shortlist. From what we should tell, they seem more prone to be able to deliver on their guarantees.

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