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Bellingham School District Calendar


Bellingham schools are an integral part of our community, but students cannot learn when hungry, cold, or homeless. That’s why our Yes Card program provides emergency funding to children and families in need of necessities quickly.

Proposed changes to the high school schedule would shift advisory periods from daily to biweekly and lengthen their length from 25 minutes to 40.

Bellingham Christian School

Every Wednesday afternoon, high school students from throughout Bellingham come to Bellingham High School to participate in the Bellingham United Debate Club, learning theory, conducting research, and practicing public speaking. Though their activities might not draw as much attention as sports teams do, these debaters gain invaluable skills through rigorous instruction and practice.

Washington does not close schools due to inclement weather; however, they do require certain days off for teacher learning and preparation purposes – these holidays are listed on school calendars online; their exact dates may differ according to your district.

Bellingham Christian School is a private preschool through 8th grade school located in Bellingham, WA, that caters to students from various local churches. Their mission is to bring glory to God in all aspects of the curriculum. Tuition for this school is significantly lower than comparable schools in the region, and a scholarship program exists for families who cannot afford total tuition fees. Unfortunately, two teenage girls were arrested recently for vandalizing school property – just the latest incident at this private institution, which had to delay its opening due to damage sustained from vandalism incidents caused by vandals causing extensive property damage this year.

Bellingham Public Schools

Bellingham Public School District is an excellent choice for families seeking the best possible education for their children. Many of its schools are highly rated and have proven successful at helping students enter college. You can learn more by visiting its website.

The 2023-2024 school calendar has been altered to provide for early dismissals on Thursdays for elementary students and additional staff learning days. It also marks the start date for all students on September 22, with certificated employees leaving classes by March 15. Other important dates, including teacher preparation days and service days, have also been included within each calendar. Please check with your school for any changes that may have occurred.

Blaine Public Schools

Students attending Blaine Public Schools will find much to enjoy this year, from extended use of their school libraries and attending a new Performing Arts Center featuring a recording studio and performance stage to taking part in state KPREP tests and learning about careers that interest them through Career Pathways programs – students at Blaine have much to look forward to this school year.

Alongside these exciting changes, the district is also implementing early-release Wednesdays for elementary students and expanding the amount of time they have after school on Thursdays to leave campus. Furthermore, additional staff learning days have also been added – this update is the result of collaboration between both parties involved in creating it.

School districts across the nation are finding innovative solutions to dealing with school closures and snow days. Seattle Public Schools and its teachers’ union have come up with an inclement weather plan that allows students to access assignments and learning materials via various devices at home or while traveling.

Parents can subscribe to school or district calendars online, which will automatically update on personal computers or smartphones. To subscribe, click on any calendar link(s), scroll down, select “Subscribe to the calendar,” and choose an option – this way, you will receive notifications when events are added or changed and receive updates as they occur. In addition, parents can provide feedback via a survey open from November 1-13 on the district website.

Bellingham High School

Bellingham High School, in Bellingham, Washington, is a public secondary school serving grades 7-12. Home to over 400 students spanning grades 7-12 and offering an array of academic programs, the school encourages its pupils to be their best and excel within a diverse learning environment. Their mascot is Red Raider, while their logo depicts a Native American chief wearing a war bonnet; in 1998, the school underwent significant renovation for two years.

Bellingham public schools’ holiday list encompasses federal holidays, national holidays, and state government of Washington holidays, as well as teacher preparation days, teachers services days, and professional development days. Since dates may change or be amended in response to school district requests for more information, parents must consult their respective school district websites regularly for updates.