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An Effective Strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Promotion


It was just two years ago that I first used the exact match domain method for ranking a website, and within five days, I had the site positioned at number 2 in Google. The time it takes to see a healthy position has increased from one to three months, but I still work on sites with long tail keywords in the domain name.

Do I feel uncomfortable? Not at all, because I have observed the typical behavior of readers who have made it to the first page of a book. The slower technique is partly working for me because of a shift in my outlook. Instead of focusing on short-term affiliate profits, I think about the long-term commercial value of the site, whether that’s from the perspective of search engine optimization for a local audience, where I might sell to a local business, or from the standpoint of earning cash in a competitive, high-traffic niche.

I occasionally check in on my affiliate marketing account, but it doesn’t depress me if there’s been no new activity. Adopting a more long-term approach has been crucial since it has relieved a lot of stress. To elaborate, I’m a single mom who sometimes struggles to balance my daughter’s needs with those of my career. This strategy will offer me the time I need to devote to her before she starts school and the groundwork I need to expand my business in the future.

I know that if I don’t take the time to get myself organized, I’ll end up flitting from one task to the next and never finish anything. I maintain a log of all the websites I’m working on and the maintenance tasks I complete for them. It’s like keeping a roster, and it helps me make sure all of my sites get the care they need while avoiding the red flags that may be raised by doing all of my SEO work on a single location at once.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll outline my first actions while optimizing a website. I will examine the most essential SEO strategies I employ. However, I will not review the preliminary keyword research or the fundamental site framework setup.

About a week after installing WP, I begin making adjustments to optimize my site. I plan to include my focus keyword in the headline of an article and go for a density of about 1%. I aim for 700–1000 words in length when writing a piece and always keep the reader in mind. When I write a blog post, I use proper HTML tags and internal links. I also make use of two plugins—both of which are free and require no complicated configuration—to increase my site’s visibility in search engines.

You will find that having numerous projects in progress is manageable if I write one post per week on each site for the next six to eight weeks. I’ve also begun using link-building tactics, both manually and, on occasion, via outsourcing. Before committing to a service, I like to observe the site for a while to see whether anything is happening. If I can avoid it, I won’t spend more money.

Using photos and video on your site are just two examples of the many little on-page methods that perform well to reinforce your SEO. Linking and identifying them correctly is crucial to get the most out of them. In addition, Google has recently implemented new policies to reduce the prominence of advertising on web pages. This could result in a penalty for sites with low-quality content and numerous ads displayed above the fold. I wait until my sites are stable and get steady traffic before monetizing them.

While I have only scratched the surface of SEO here, I believe that, like a ladder, you cannot reach the summit without first making your way up each rung. My strategy for optimizing websites for search engines is similar; take things slowly and carefully, and success will come.

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