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Therapeutic Journey: What Can Happen Company Believes That Their Views Create Their Feelings?


If someone’s inner world is simply not in a good way, they could merely tolerate what is going on and not do whatever it takes about it. Then again, they could wind up looking for a way to change their lives.

When it comes to what is happening inside them, they could find that their thoughts and feelings are often out of control. Coming to peace and feeling great could be a massive challenge using it is normal for them to feel edgy and bad.

The main objective

At this stage of their life, it may be a complete mystery why these are the way they are. This could be the last thing on their mind, though the main priority could be to modify their life.

Going into the particular cause of what is happening inside them could be seen as a total waste of time too. Getting a way to move forward is then getting the only thing that interests me.

Reaching Out

When they were to pay a visit to their physician, they could end up being referred to a counselor or a cognitive behavioral therapist. That is, of course, if they happen to be given this opportunity and are not only offered medication.

Alternatively, you could decide to look for answers on the internet, with there being no shortage of recommendations on what they can do. Nonetheless, regardless of the route they get, they can end up coming to precisely the same conclusion.

It’s all About your brain.

They could be told by one individual or several sources on the internet that their thoughts would be why their inner globe is the way it is. Precisely what this will also mean is the fact that their feelings are a result of the thoughts that they have.

With this thought, the way for them to change their inner world will be to allow them to gain control of their ideas and start changing their own ‘negative’ thoughts to ‘positive’ thoughts. This is much like how replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods should allow anyone to function better.

Being Mindful

By natural means, in order for this to take place; it can be essential for one to be aware of what on earth is taking place inside them. It will not take place overnight; it can be a lifelong process.

Nonetheless, the sooner one starts, the quicker they will start to develop a feel for00 what is happening inside them. The 1st step can be for them to see when they have a ‘negative’ assumption and not to get caught up with this thought, and they could even buy a new toothbrush with a ‘positive’ thought.

Some sort of Smooth Process

After putting in the work for a few weeks/months, they may start to notice that there has become an internal shift. Their views will have improved, which signifies that their feelings will also improve.

At this point, one could feel completely fortunate that they have been able to head on from the inner ache they once experienced. As this approach has worked for the coffee lover, they could see it as a technique that will work for everything.

A New Experience

On the other hand, one could make this happen approach only to find that their inner world hasn’t genuinely changed. If this is the case, they can believe that they are doing it inappropriately, and they could even believe that something should be wrong with them.

It could be explained it won’t be much of an amazing if they come to this conclusion, as so much of the beneficial and self-development world thinks that it’s ‘all in regards to the mind’ and that one’s ‘thoughts create their feelings.

Some sort of Half-Truth

One way of investigating this would be to say that this could result from having a ‘mind centered’ outlook, which is undoubtedly due to living in a ‘mind centered’ society. This prevents an individual from acknowledging that it must not be purely about what is being conducted ‘up top.’

Undoubtedly, their thoughts can create how they feel; the other side is that their thoughts can induce feelings that are already included. Also, their thoughts are a defense mechanism to maintain how they feel at bay.

2 Parts

When it comes to the ideas that someone has, these types can be seen as coming from their own mental body, whereas their feelings can be seen as originating from their emotional body. The region of their being where their thoughts come from is like the beginning, while the area where their feelings come from is like the business that is far more significant, however invisible.

Jill Bolte Taylor, a neuroanatomist, explains just how much of a difference there is, “although many of us may think of ourselves as thinking creatures which feel, biologically we are sensation creatures that think”. Therefore, if one has tried to modify their feelings by altering their thoughts and this strategy hasn’t worked, they will understand why.

Going Deeper

Whenever this is understood, there will be absolutely no reason for them to think that they may be doing something wrong or there is something inherently wrong with them. They will be able to see that they can be using the wrong tool for the job.

If their body is charged with trauma, playing around and using their thoughts will be total stupidity. Once they deal with this tension, they may find that they experience different and that their views settle down.

The Body Doesn’t Ignore

When it comes to the trauma that they can maybe carry, this will correspond with the moments in their life if they felt overwhelmed and were not able to integrate what was held. If they experienced trauma in their childhood years and with their birth, their conscious mind might not remember precisely what took place.

The endless task in their mind, with all their own ‘negative’ thoughts and even supposed ‘irrational’ fears, will indicate that, deep down, they may be carrying wounds that need to be recognized. Once these are dealt with, there can be no reason for their thoughts to be all over the place.


If one can relate to this particular and is ready to change their life, they may need to touch base for external support. This can take place with the assistance of a therapist or perhaps a healer.

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