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SS Group – One of the Leading Real Estate Developers in Gurugram


SS Group is one of the premier real estate developers in Gurugram, known for producing projects of high quality at competitive prices. Their projects and services aim to make life better through real estate development.

Fliar BI has obtained employee information for Ss Group Pvt Ltd from various public sources across the internet, and listed below; you can find their phone and address details.

SS Group

SS Group is a multi-disciplinary business conglomerate offering multiple industries with services including smart resourcing, application services, infrastructure support, licence and cloud subscription resale resale, as well as business intelligence consulting and implementation.

Critical strengths for the company lie in its innovative solutions that have evolved out of an environment brimming with creativity. Customers are delighted by the quality, excellence, and integrity delivered with every transaction; building long-term relationships through trust is also highly prized.

AmbitionBox salary surveys conducted across 161 responses at SS Group revealed an average annual salary of Rs6.0 Lakhs, with minimum new hire salaries standing at Rs2.5 Lakhs.

Gurugram’s Leading Real Estate Developer

Real estate developers are an essential component of the construction process, responsible for designing both residential and commercial spaces that fulfill customer requirements. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship and commitment to exceptional value for their customers’ dollars spent, real estate developers pride themselves on meeting client specifications for every project successfully. Their teams work closely together with them so as to ensure success!

No matter your property needs – be they luxury apartments or cutting-edge commercial spaces – there is an experienced developer out there who can meet them all. Their customers expect something unique, and their designers possess the skills needed to deliver something awe-inspiring that exceeds all expectations.

One of the leading developers in Gurugram, DLF offers luxury apartments and high-end office space for rent. Their projects have received praise for their innovative designs and construction technologies as well as top-of-the-line amenities; additionally, they provide floor plans tailored to every budget. Other popular options are EMAAR and Unitech.

Responsible & Sustainable Development

As corporates embrace more sustainable practices, an era of simply adopting them has given way to one in which companies actively work toward changing markets to be more eco-friendly. This trend can be seen with all countries agreeing on a sustainability agenda consisting of 17 global goals and 169 targets that all need to be achieved for maximum sustainability.

This development is of critical significance as it allows investors to align their investments with society’s broader objectives while simultaneously improving long-term financial performance by lowering macroeconomic risks. This is particularly applicable to large institutional investors known as universal owners, who rely heavily on long-term returns from markets in which they invest.

The Group has appointed a particular unit to coordinate and manage its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. This unit identifies sustainability issues and plans and implements projects designed to reduce the environmental impacts of its business activities while raising employee awareness of sustainability issues. Furthermore, this team reports regularly to both the Chairman and Board on sustainability-related matters.


SS Group stands out as technologically independent and offers tailored solutions that meet individual client requirements. It can adapt and implement leading technologies with integrated support services; additionally, it is committed to the creation of Intelligent Solutions with core values at the center and innovation as the wings.

Abbie IT Mart and SS Group have joined forces to take charge of digital lift media branding at The Hibiscus project, modernizing the property while equipping residents with cutting-edge technology in every corner. Both partners share a vision of creating state-of-the-art real estate masterpieces, looking forward to an ongoing partnership that is sure to produce something significant in this industry.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be one of the primary key performance indicators (KPIs) that businesses track. Satisfied customers are more likely to spend with your business through add-on purchases, expansion plans, and repeat purchases; plus, they spread positive word-of-mouth recommendations that lower marketing and acquisition costs.

Understanding the drivers of satisfaction is central to designing an efficient satisfaction measurement and monitoring program and being able to spot early indicators of declining satisfaction so you can act promptly when necessary.

At all times, any personal data obtained will be processed according to this Policy and the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“Act”). All employees must abide by both provisions when handling any personal data that comes their way and ensure it remains protected – for instance, not being divulged to unapproved individuals or entities except as stipulated here. When no longer required, personal information must be safely disposed of through shredding or bagging, and hard drives containing such personal data must be deleted safely.