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Parking Lot Paving Companies


Experience is vital when searching for the ideal parking lot paving companies; those who excel will boast extensive portfolios that showcase their abilities. Choose the best Asphalt Paving Contractors in Glendale.

Parking lot drainage is essential to keeping a parking lot safe for drivers and maintenance staff alike. It prevents puddles that pose safety risks and maintenance headaches. Pavement structures must be designed around weather conditions such as rain and snowfall and include stone beddings to manage runoff water efficiently.


Hiring a professional to pave your parking lot can incur high initial construction costs; however, many paving companies provide competitive prices and options tailored specifically to fit within your budget. Furthermore, be mindful of other expenses like ongoing maintenance or repairs required to keep it in great shape.

Another key consideration should be your climate. While both asphalt and concrete can be used effectively in any environment, asphalt tends to fare better in warmer regions because it absorbs sunlight instead of reflecting it out into space. Conversely, concrete cracks easily in cold temperatures due to freeze-thaw cycles, and salt is used for snow-melting purposes.

Depending upon your budget, asphalt parking lots typically cost approximately $2 to $5 per square foot to construct; this cost covers both materials and labor. Concrete parking lots tend to be significantly more costly.

Considering your parking lot’s size and shape, gravel may also be an economical and eco-friendly base material choice compared to concrete or asphalt pavements. Installing gravel takes considerably less time and expertise than either of them!


Paved parking lots are often not designed with environmental sustainability in mind. The materials used to construct asphalt and concrete lots aren’t always renewable and may deplete Earth’s resources, not to mention all of the manpower hours required to complete such jobs.

Petroleum-based asphalt and cement required for these paving jobs emit harmful chemical gases into the atmosphere, while their use produces significant heat that causes pavement to melt, sending its waters pouring down storm drains to expose other pollutants, including sediment and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced as combustion byproducts from gasoline and tar-based sealants – this exposes other sources of pollution within an ecosystem by disrupting community of macroinvertebrates living in streams and lakes.

Installing an appropriate drainage system is vital to making your parking lot more eco-friendly and will prevent standing water from damaging its surfaces and leading to long-term damage to your lot. Furthermore, regular inspections allow you to identify minor problems before they become costly repairs – saving both money and resources while helping reduce waste.


Experience is of the utmost importance when hiring a parking lot paving company. Ask for testimonials and visit past job sites to assess quality. Furthermore, check how long an asphalt contractor has been in business, as the more projects completed, the more experienced they will become.

Pavement surface quality is an essential safety consideration in commercial parking lots for pedestrians. Cracks and potholes create trip hazards, which could lead to severe injuries. Raised areas or oil puddles may damage vehicles as drivers drive over them. Parking lot paving companies offer services to repair these issues for a safer parking experience.

Drainage is another critical safety issue addressed by professional asphalt contractors. If your commercial parking lot becomes waterlogged during rainy spells, chances are good that its drainage system has stopped functioning as intended and needs addressing immediately.

Parking lot paving contractors also provide finishing services beyond pavement construction, such as line striping and pavement marking to clearly denote parking spaces, traffic lanes, no-parking zones, and other essential information. Such indicators help reduce incidents in overcrowded lots while helping manage speed limits, which reduces accidents. A qualified company may even install bollards to protect storefronts from further vehicle damage.


Parking lot paving companies can perform various maintenance services to keep commercial pavement in great shape. Crack sealing is one such task, protecting investments from the wear and tear that comes from water seeping through unsealed or poorly sealed cracks over time, creating potholes. Asphalt paving contractors also provide sealcoating as a protective layer that reduces oxidation, protects from harsh UV rays of sunlight, extends the life span of parking lots, and can extend their useful lifespan.

Professional paving contractors can also help you select the most appropriate material for your commercial parking lot, depending on your individual needs and anticipated traffic volumes. Asphalt is often chosen because of its quick installation time. Furthermore, asphalt provides more cost-effective traction control in wet weather than concrete and is superior to concrete.

Asphalt provides another advantage by resisting damage caused by salt used to melt snow and ice in winter, unlike concrete, which is damaged by cold temperatures and requires regular resurfacing. Furthermore, an asphalt parking lot can be regularly swept to remove debris that might harm its surface.