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Just what Did I Say? Problems Running a business Communications


I argued a few days ago. The subject isn’t necessary. However, the person was.

My brother. Cherished, admired, respected. But the discussion went on for quite some time.

The result?

Ultimately, we discovered we had nearly the same point of view, and there was no argument at all!

Much more musing. Some resulting ideas.


The Christian bible talks of the Tower of Desconcierto (from which we get the term “babble. “) God punished his followers by creating so many languages that many people couldn’t understand each other. (Mentally note this passage; I’ll be returning to it. )

My brother and I had been supposedly both speaking British, or so the rumor went. And yet the misunderstandings collected, bringing us both, at one point, to total disappointment with each other. (“Why doesn’t this individual bloody well understand??? “)


The problem, of course, is that not only do peoples from numerous nations speak languages incomprehensible to people of some other nations, but it also gets much worse. Within countries, there are actually “dialects, ” often so different from the main ones that the habitants of one village can’t know those from a neighboring small town 20 miles distant.

Typically the “French” spoken in London is virtual “babble” to your Frenchman living near the In german border. And Quebecois, This particular language in Canada, is primarily a different terminology from the Creole-speaking This particular language in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I remember speaking to a student involving Slavic languages 30 years in the past who told me that regarding was then Yugoslavia, seventy-seven distinct and separate ‘languages’ were spoken! And that must have been a small country by just about any international standards.

China has almost 2 billion habitats, many of whom cannot know any of the hundreds of different dialects and distinct separate ‘languages’ spoken in the rest of the state.

Had your fill still? It doesn’t get better.


At this point, we must add the personal “filters, ” cultures, religions, and rules of behavior that often dominate us all. Words, along with concepts acceptable in one spot, are considered taboo by simply people who may live merely blocks away… or even not far away.

A quick trip back to the sooner paragraph about the bible. My spouse and I deliberately did not sometimes capitalize “Christian” or “bible. very well. How many of you, special readers, noticed? How many quickly “saw” capitals? How many were offended by the lack of these people? How many had a perceived dropped me a line to take care of my error? These are just some further examples of personal and ethnic filters, the colored eyeglasses we use to look at several “important” parts of our lives.


And how about sex? Any individual who believes the language is simple to comprehend all around him has not had a long relationship with a person of the opposite sex. Why do you think men throughout the world are puzzled by girls? What do they mean? What do they desire? And in the past 8000 decades, no one has created a satisfactory answer.

It’s zero better than the other part, either. Many of my female friends have told me they cannot understand men, their behavior, and their lack of understanding.

Obtaining depression yet? Just wait around.


Here’s still another hurdle. How individuals and organizations process words and ideas. (The example of opposite genders above is one of the primaries. )

Ponder this: In the much north, the Eskimo individuals, who still live near nature, possess about 100 words for your concept of “snow. ” Somebody living in London would probably not begin to understand the subtle variations between those words. For instance, a resident in parts of South USA would not have the slightest idea of what an Eskimo was talking about if the girl had never experienced snowfall, much less the minute variations described.


And those who perform still live close to character do not share the concept of Period as the industrial world does. At best, such people may think of seasons or even cycles. Minutes and hrs have no meaning for them. The actual “past” or the “future” usually does not influence their lives because they do on most who are looking over this. Time is a created idea and must be learned.

And you also might think, “well, he is only talking about primitive lenders. “


Did you know that many underclasses, both black and white, surviving in ghettos and with little desire to change their everyday living, also do not share a similar concept of Time as realized by their counterpart’s lifestyle only a few miles away? Along with, without time, how can one retain hope for a different “future? very well

Further, the language spoken in those areas shows meanings for such models incredibly far removed from precisely what most of you understand.


How might it apply in the company?

In Canada, America, or Quotes, for instance, the president might consider an idea at a meeting of the top people in a firm. An individual might comment, “Sounds a lttle bit wacky to me. ” He had been asked what they meant, why he’d answered that way. Little to no offense can be taken.

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