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Fresh Start Business Grant 2023


Fresh Start Business Grants 2023 are a form of financial aid designed to assist entrepreneurs in getting their businesses off the ground. They may be used for covering startup costs, purchasing equipment, or paying other expenses; such grants may come from government agencies, non-profit organizations, or even private corporations.

The New York Public Library hosts an annual small-business grant competition open to entrepreneurs from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The next cycle is set to commence in early 2024.


The Incfile Fresh Start Business Grant offers entrepreneurs an invaluable chance to realize their dreams of business ownership. By helping overcome financial hurdles and start their ventures, this grant enables aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their ambitions while simultaneously creating more jobs and fueling economic development within their local communities.

Incfile offers more than just money grants; they also provide services and business tools. Their LLC packages are exceptionally cost-effective compared to similar services and include next-day processing and tracking, free registered agent service for one year, tax consultation services, and bookkeeping services at an affordable monthly fee. Their customer support team is on hand to answer your queries and assist you as you get going.

Incfile not only assists businesses with startup costs, but they can also register an Employee Identification Number (EIN). EINs are equivalent to Social Security numbers for businesses and consist of nine digits. They’re essential when hiring employees, opening business accounts, filing taxes, and registering public charities, foundations, and social advocacy organizations. Incfile offers three different plans; while their basic package comes with free application of an EIN application for $140 plus state fees, they also provide a Gold package, which includes this feature plus state fees!


The Fresh Start Business Grant provides an opportunity to kick-start your entrepreneurial endeavor. Applicants should demonstrate their enthusiasm and potential success when filling out their grant applications; additionally, this information must also be submitted concerning background and education.

FedEx is one of the premier players in package delivery, and its success has come from adapting to ever-evolving trends. They have invested heavily in their network to meet customer demand for e-commerce deliveries and increase the efficiency of operations and technology within their delivery system.

The National Association of Small Businesses offers grants to aid small business growth. Of the most notable is AT&T’s She’s Connected Grant for women-owned small businesses; recipients receive $20,000 and one year of AT&T service free with the purchase of new devices. Another popular grant offered by NAB is the EnrichHER Grant, which awards entrepreneurs $5,000 towards business expenses; its last application period was in September 2023. Lastly, Amegy Bank Small Business Boost Program invests up to $50,000 in promising startups.

SubSummit Pitch Competition

SubSummit Pitch Competition is an annual contest designed to offer subscription-based business owners a chance at winning a $10,000 grant and $40,000 worth of services for their subscription-based companies. To apply, applicants must submit a short video about their business and answer some questions from judges; winners are selected based on these submissions. This year, the competition also features StartHER, which seeks to support women-owned enterprises.

Aspiring entrepreneurs should apply for this grant if they hope to turn their dreams into reality. More information can be found locally at their library or online through research. Depending on the type of grant available, criteria must be fulfilled, such as reporting of how funds were utilized.

SubSummit Pitch Competition presented by Pitney Bowes and Praella can be daunting, yet an excellent way to assess the strength of your business. The purpose of the competition is to make a real impactful impact on promising subscription brands as they emerge beyond the startup phase – so register for it, then prepare a fantastic pitch that impresses judges!

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Accessing funding at critical moments can make all the difference when pursuing your dreams of business ownership. By taking advantage of grants like the Incfile Fresh Start Business Grant, entrepreneurs can take bold steps toward creating their ideal businesses while at the same time contributing to local economies by creating jobs and driving consumer spending.

Before applying for a grant, make sure to research its requirements thoroughly. Some grant programs only accept applications during specific time frames and require applicants to submit documentation such as tax records, business plans, and financial data relating to your company – some even require written statements outlining why your organization should receive funding! Furthermore, research previous recipients to see their success stories and compare them with those before.

MBDA operates a network of business centers supporting minority-owned small businesses and helping entrepreneurs apply for debt financing and federal and state small-business grants. Additionally, these centers provide mentoring services and support services. Furthermore, they host annual small-business grant competitions and contest updates via their website.

Lenovo Evolve Small

The Lenovo Evolve Small grant is a technology donation program designed to aid small businesses throughout Canada and the US. The program offers numerous advantages for owners of such companies, including mentoring, technology support, and marketing funding assistance, as well as access to an exclusive network of fellow entrepreneurs and industry experts. Ultimately, this grant aims to help small businesses expand and thrive while creating jobs in local economies.

Lenovo not only offers grants to small businesses but also hosts events and programs to support them. One such partnership with the Carolina Panthers involved a contest giving local small businesses technology makeovers to help North and South Carolina communities and economies.

Lenovo Evolve Small initiative partnered with Queen Latifah and Zeno to launch a successful content campaign showcasing small businesses nationwide. This video series featured 321 Coffee of Raleigh and Luv Fats of Austin as examples of such companies; overall, it reached over 100 million impressions, earning coverage by technology and business media outlets as part of its drive toward increasing economic mobility among minority-owned firms.

Visa Everywhere Initiative

Are You an Innovative Fintech or Payments Startup Looking for Global Exposure? The Visa Everywhere Initiative Competition Could Be for You. With three monetary prizes up for grabs and an opportunity for startups and fintechs from around the globe to showcase their solutions on a global platform, this competition provides startups an ideal way to expand their exposure while TechCrunch Livestreams Finals of this prestigious Competition.

This year’s Visa Everywhere Initiative (VEI) competitions feature an added emphasis on the uplift of underrepresented founders. Visa will host three special edition competitions throughout 2023 to support underserved communities such as those led by Black, Women, and LGBTQ+ founders – their winners receiving additional funding from the Visa Everywhere Initiative and eligibility to compete in TechCrunch Disrupt global finals.

This year’s competition will include regional finals in five regions and a global final at TechCrunch Disrupt in September. The winner of the global final will win a $100,000 small business grant and access to Visa’s extensive network of banking, merchant, VC, and government partners; runners-up in each region will each receive $5,000 donations; plus the finalist will have an opportunity to pitch solutions before a panel of judges.

Cecilia Russo Marketing

Cecilia Russo Marketing in Savannah, Georgia, provides a fresh start business grant to assist startups. Established in 2008 and located at Savannah’s Savannah Riverfront District, Cecilia Russo Turner’s expertise lies in public relations, marketing, and reputation management strategies. She serves local, regional, and national clients to reach their business goals while fundraising and consulting non-profits such as Tour de Georgia, Susan G Komen Savannah Race for the Cure, Leadership Southeast Georgia SAFE Shelter Inc., and Benedictine Military School – among many others.

You Glow Girl Grant is designed to empower female entrepreneurs by providing $10,000 grants and mentorship support. Applications will be accepted from September 22 – October 20, 2023.

The She’s Connected by AT&T business grant is open to U.S.-based women-owned small businesses that employ 51 or fewer employees and are women-led. It awards $30,000 and support through workshops and networking events, giving female entrepreneurs an invaluable chance to build their networks and gain access to potential investors. Applicants must be members of NASE with valid business plans; applications close on May 1, 2024.