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Building Self-Esteem: Strategies for Success


My landscaper friend told me about an incident that stuck with me years ago. It concerned a coworker who, years later, still hasn’t gotten his Gospel music recorded. They worked in the backyard of a famous songwriter who had written songs for a global singing sensation. Having previously worked with the man and being aware of his reputation, the young man’s colleagues encouraged him to approach this internationally renowned author and musician for guidance. After learning that the young guy also wrote music, the composer requested a listening copy of his tunes. He did, and the composer gushed to the young man about his songs’ greatness. What did that young man do once he was encouraged by him? Nothing. This true story stuck with me because it illustrates the predicament of many people with extraordinary abilities for which they may be compensated but lack the self-assurance and motivation to pursue their dreams.

Each of us has been endowed with unique talents by our Creator, and it is up to us to identify those talents, hone them through practice, and ultimately employ them for the benefit of humanity. Perhaps it’s singing. It’s also possible that the capacity to compose music finally brings salvation to the planet. It could be the mastery of a craft or the ability to put pen to paper. Some people are born with the divine gift of inspiring others with their words. Others, though, can do more than one thing well to improve the environment around them.

However, it is evident and tragic that many people with fantastic and influential talents do nothing with it because they lack the courage to pursue their passion and make things happen.

Some people believe that the world is unfair. These people don’t try to achieve their goals because they think they will never succeed. Dreams are nothing more than wishful thinking to them. Then there are the talented people who stop trying because they see no progress.

My wife and I were out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant celebrating our wedding anniversary when one of the waiters came over and sang to us.

His singing voice was fantastic. He could use his singing ability to preach to the masses about God’s goodness through music. He possesses a voice that may make him famous and wealthy. Nevertheless, there he was, working as a waiter. After talking to him, I realized that he lacked self-assurance.

You will never achieve your full potential if you doubt your abilities and the gifts God has given you. Some people might have faith in you. If you don’t believe in yourself, even if others tell you you have what it takes to be someone great or do something fantastic, you’ll never get there.

In what does this confidence consist? The only requirement is faith. It entails having faith in both God and oneself. It’s the conviction that you can grow and make the most of the unique talents God has given you so that you may positively impact the world.

Some people may believe the most important question they can ask themselves is, “What am I good at?” In what ways have I been blessed? Which skills do I acquire easily? What am I passionate about? What brings a smile to my face and a spring to my step? But if you ask me, the most important thing is whether or not we believe. Do we have faith in ourselves and the gifts God has given us? Indeed, He bestowed something upon each of us. Considering that we can put it to good use, locally and globally, is the real challenge. We must be convinced to take drastic, firm, and forceful action.

You need to learn to trust yourself and put your resources to good use. You may be wondering if self-assurance really can be cultivated. It is the correct response.

These are some suggestions:

Stop second-guessing yourself and start believing that God has given you the skills you have.

Look into it if you are unsure of your strengths. Discover your passions and pursue them. What gives you joy? What matters to you? Does singing make you happy? Do you have a voice? Do those closest to you support you? Do you find support from those in your church? Be mindful. Think about it: what am I best at?

Once you have a clear idea of what to do, the next step is to educate yourself on the subject and hone your skills. People are more likely to hire you, buy your music, read your books, etc., as you improve your skills.

Fourth, observe the practices of others who have succeeded where you hope to achieve and model your actions after theirs. Caution: take what you can from them, but don’t let go of your vision.

Repeated practice is step five. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Take advantage of any doors that open for you. Chances are always staring us in the face. It is up to us to seek out favorable circumstances and act upon them. Avoid putting things off. Invest in your talents. Put your whole heart into it. Get it done right now.

Seven, take stock and adjust. Don’t allow setbacks to discourage you from trying again. You can’t change your history. It could make you sad at times. However, once that is finished, it is finished. Use what you’ve learned and move on.

Trusting God and persisting through challenges are essential factors in building self-assurance. Do your best to realize your goals and use your talents, gifts, and skills excellently. All your dreams can come true with faith in God and confidence in yourself.

Sheldon D. Newton is an educator, preacher, seminar presenter, and inspiring and motivational speaker. Refuse to Live the Common Life, The Positive Power of Biblical Affirmations, Humility and the Honor of God, and True Spirituality are just a few of the works he’s written that have changed people’s lives for the better. His deepest desire is to see people’s lives improved by the implementation of eternal and divine truths that lead to more inner calm, health, and happiness. Check out his webpage.

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